It might be odd to list our business beliefs so prominently. We believe that you should know our business beliefs. These are different than each team member’s personal beliefs. Those are their beliefs and we support them. We state our beliefs to indicate our values as a company.

People Over Profit

While this concept is fairly straightforward, Advisist takes this approach beyond just people who work for us. It also applies to those we work with. As we have learned in 2020, there are many unexpected things that can impact people’s lives and livelihood. These are issues that we take into consideration in our business. It is easy to list basic examples of these instances, but it is the ones that are yet to be seen that are important. Do not be confused though, we still have a goal of being a profitable business, but in the end, that cannot come before basic human decency. 

Do What Is Right

There are any number of quotes we could put here, such as possibly the most paraphrased one, “Character is what you are in the dark,” by Dwight L. Moody. This is a crucial concept and one that can often be seen while working with contracts or scope of work documents. To say that we look at the spirit of the agreement, not the exact meaning, is an oversimplification. It is our belief that the paramount concept is to not do anything that would embarrass you if others found out.

Embrace and Encourage Diversity

Advisist believes that all people are equal. The term of being “welcome to …” do whatever is not enough. We believe that all people are equal All people should be treated fairly and with respect. Too often these things do not happen. Bradford’s rule, not participating in a panel or public group discussion if underrepresented people are not involved, applies to the entire Advisist Group. If we are asked to participate in a convention or symposium we will apply John Scalzi’s harassment policies. We make efforts to purchase from local and underrepresented people when possible. Basically we help everyone be represented as we can.

Also as noted below, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Open Communication

A business cannot be truly successful without communication and trust. Open communication breeds respect, keeps people engaged, and ensures that all parties are on the same page and working toward the same goalIt is still possible to be discerning about what is shared, however if you do not provide the necessary information, you cannot be surprised when you don’t receive your desired result. Treat others with respect, welcome their ideas, and be constructive in criticism.

Support People & Companies We Know

We are living in a world of faceless mega corporations and warehouse stores and while they are often a cheap and easy way to do business, they may not provide as much value as you think. By supporting people and companies that we know, we are fostering a community and building a network of resources. Buying from and working with people that you know gives you an automatic connection that you would not find otherwise, and a continued, respectful relationship will often prove beneficial to both parties. Someone that you have built a working relationship with will get to know your needs and be able to offer you innovative and specialized solutions and because they know you are a returning customer, they have an interest in your success.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone

Hopefully we never have to implement this one, but it is at the core of our beliefs. We believe in certain inalienable rights as outlined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. We believe in free speech, but that does not mean that there won’t be repercussions. We do not work with hate or extremist groups. We do not work with private prisons. We do not work with big tobacco. If it would embarrass or cause duress to any team member for people to know the project or client they are working with, Advisist will quickly remove that person from the offending project. We will then review our involvement and determine the right course of action. (See Belief # 1 People Over Profit) 

Follow Wheaton’s Law and things will be okay.