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Bradford Benn

White Papers

Advisist is ready to author white papers to explain new technologies and other topics. These items can be great positioning documents without being overt advertising. More details are coming soon.

Technology Evaluation

Technologies are created to solve a particular need. Quite often deciding if the technology is solving your or your customers needs can be hard to determine. Advisist is ready to come in and assist with the evaluation to make sure it is a proper fit for the needs.

Technical Briefs

Advisist's team has been explaining technology for years. These briefs explain how a new product or technology can solve problems while accelerating the adoption cycle. More details coming soon!

Staff Extension

Given the changes in the world, staffing has become a challenge. Advisist is ready to lend a hand when needed; whether for two hours or two months. More details coming soon.


Project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of a project are designed, installed, tested, and functioning. This process typically takes place before the project is turned over for operational use.

Bid Preparation

Creating bid documents can be an overwhelming process for both integrators and stakeholders. The documentation process indicating the project needs and intent is not simple. Clearly defining what is considered success is important. Documenting the deliverables and process expectations is a key portion of this process.